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Recruitment of Computer Instructors for Directorate of School Education based on  Employment Registration Seniority – 2009-10



The provisional selection list relating to Computer Instructor already released by the Teaches Recruitment Board on 26.02.2011 for the post of Computer Instructors is hereby cancelled and revised provisional results is now released. Subsequently the TRB conducted Certificate verification on 08.02.2012 for 68 candidates sponsored by the Employment Exchange in the supplementary list as per the direction of the Hon’ble Court. Now the Board is releasing the revised list a total number of 192 candidates provisionally selected for the post of Computer Instructors. 6 candidates who have already provisionally selected in the earlier list have been considered as ineligible due to their date of registration does not fall within the cut off date in their respective communal turn


Roll No.

Name of the candidate



Community Priority
1 I01270001 S.Kavitha 1994F05792 12/09/1996 BC  
2 I01150039 R.Palanisamy 2004M10090 25/08/2008 SCA  
3 I01070006 Bablin Hepsi Rani S 2001F00681 24/03/2008 BC DEX
4 I01030043 Susila I 1998F08260 04/04/2008 BC DEX
5 I01070007 Indra Priyadarsini T 2006F00102 30/07/2008 BC DEX
6 I01300050 M.Sumathi 2004f07695 06/10/2008 SC DEX

The candidates, totalling 192 are provisionally selected as Computer Instructor for the Directorate of School Education Department based on employment registration seniority, communal rotation and certain priorities laid down by Government of Tamil Nadu. The formal selection intimation will be sent to them individually by post. Further notification / communication will be issued by the concerned Department regarding counselling and placement.

Utmost care has been taken in preparing the list and in publishing it. Teachers Recruitment Board reserves the right to correct any errors that may have crept in. Incorrect list would not confer any right of enforcement.





Dated: 31-03-2012